Fixed Assets

May I give donated equipment away to students?

No. Once equipment is donated to a department or a school it becomes the property of DPS. The school or department must then follow all property accountability procedures for the retirement of the equipment.

What is the procedure if I need to send computer equipment back to the manufacturer/vendor for a warranty replacement?

You must notify the Fixed Assets Department so the bar code label can be removed before the computer equipment is sent back. When the replacement equipment comes in, the Fixed Assets Department must be notified to barcode label it and make the appropriate changes to the inventory of the school or department,

What is a Fixed Asset?

See Definitions

DPS property with a useful life greater than one year that meets any of the following criteria:

  • An original cost equal to, or greater than $5,000
  • All technology assets with a cost or value greater than $150
  • All assets designated by authorized personnel as “theft sensitive” with a cost or value of $100 or greater
  • All donated technology assets meeting DoTS minimum standards. Please visit Donation Process for a list of donation standards
  • All other donated assets meeting any or all of the above criteria
  • All other equipment designated appropriate individuals

What do I do if a fixed asset is stolen?

Stolen DPS property should be immediately reported to the Department Head, School Principal, or Site Supervisor who notifies:

  • Safety and Security: (720) 423-3475
  • Risk Management: (720) 423-3613
  • Fixed Asset Department: (720) 423-5653, fax (720) 423-5629
  • Denver Police Department, “Offense Report” made to the Police Dispatch Office: (720) 913-2000

What happens to the computers that Fixed Assets personnel picks up from schools?

If there is useful life left in the computer we try to return it back into the District through available assets. If the computer is no longer serviceable it is sold at our semi-annual auction.

Who generates Equipment Activity Request (EAR) Forms?

Any school staff can create the EAR form: however the principal or department head must approve all EAR forms.

What items go on EAR’s forms?

Furniture and equipment items can be placed on an EAR form.