All items donated to DPS are required to be processed through Volunteer Services. The Office of Volunteer Services can be reached at (720) 424-8245 or by fax at (720) 424-8266.

Computer Donations

Many pieces of very functional used computer equipment have been kindly donated to DPS schools by a variety of businesses and individuals. Some of this equipment is quickly put to good use in classroom and computer lab settings. Conversely, there is some donated equipment that sits gathering dust in cabinets and storerooms. Many of these items require more of an investment, both financial and human, on the part of the receiving school than the school is willing to expend. These are some questions to ask the donor before accepting a gift.

Does the equipment currently work?
An obvious question, but one that often is overlooked in the thrill of receiving the gift.

How much memory does the computer have?
Both ROM (hard drive) and RAM (the memory used to run the programs and the operating system).

Does it have an operating system installed?
Many donated computers have had hard drives completely erased, including DOS no longer installed.

Hidden costs of donated machines:

If it doesn’t work, what will it take to fix it?
Non-functional equipment should raise a red flag unless the school or donor can specifically identify what will be required to repair the machine.

What operating system and/or software will be needed to make the machine functional in a school environment?
What additional software applications must be purchased to make this computer useful in an educational environment. District and site licenses for Macintosh software don’t necessarily transfer to DOS or Windows machines.

Is additional RAM needed?
Most donated machines come with only minimal RAM installed. It may therefore require that the school purchase additional RAM for the computer to run an updated version of Windows or to use newer application programs.

What networking hardware is installed on the computer?
In order for any PC to run on the DPS network, an Ethernet card must be installed. The Ethernet card cost approximately $100 for each computer.

DoTS Technical Support

For technical support and advice, contact the DoTS Hotline at 720-423-3888.

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