The Fixed Assets Department is a component of the Denver Public Schools Enterprise Management Department. It is chartered to ensure that District, state, and federally funded fixed assets in use throughout the District’s classrooms and administrative departments are properly accounted for in accordance with applicable federal and state regulation.

Fixed Assets Department Responsibilities

The Fixed Assets Department was chartered in 1997 to be the responsible agency for fixed asset management in the District. The department utilizes the Cayenta Operations Manager Module to centrally track District fixed assets from acquisition through retirement.

Fixed Assets Department Operating Principles:

  • Client Support – Customer Service
  • Data accuracy via state of the art inventory methods
  • Master database fixed assets tracking system
  • Timely site inventory reporting
  • Centralized fixed assets acquisition and record entry

The Fixed Assets Department is responsible for the maintenance and efficient operation of a Fixed Assets Management System. The database is centrally monitored and maintained by the Fixed Assets Department staff members. This database consists primarily of inventory data collected from centrally received new acquisitions, Equipment Activity Request (EAR) form updates and the Annual General Inventories (AGI). Fixed Assets Department responsibilities include the following:

  • Management of the Fixed Assets database
    • Maintain structural and referential databae integrity
    • Conduct periodic and annual verification and reconciliation of the database
    • Provide investigative fixed assets information for property loss, theft, and/or destruction
    • Provide fixed asset information for the Accounting Department’s reporting requirements
    • Process permanent fixed assets additions, transfers, and retirements
  • Conduct centralized bar code labeling for all District fixed assets
  • Conduct the District’s Annual General Inventory (AGI)
  • Annually review the Property Control Manual and update it as required
  • Interface with departments and schools concerning property control policies and procedures
  • Conduct decentralized (on-site) bar code labeling when requested by a School or Department
  • Responsible for tracking transfers of fixed assets between DPS sites via properly completed EAR forms